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Mary-Anne Schmittle
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"June 20th, 2018 is your day,
make it all that it can be and then some."

Flower corsage Welcome to My World Fellow Seekers :-)

I put up this Blog to tell my story, and to serve several purposes listed below. No matter what, one or more of them will relate to you, your life and empower you with the knowledge you need to find your answers and your voice.
This is One Professional Woman's continuing Life’s Journey, facing insurmountable odds, re-inventing herself and her life many times, through the power of experience and knowledge.
Find your Authentic Self, through Questioning everything, Finding your Answers, Finding your VOICE.

This Blog will be about my personal journey for the past 30 years.
Focusing on what is important to my enlightenment and hopefully enlighten millions of people from my experience and ever evolving knowledge, as an RN and Social Worker, a Universal Life Ordained Minister, a Daughter and as a Patient.

I will be journeying on here as long as I have something to enlighten myself and all of you with and until my story has an ending.
Outside of my own ongoing journey, what I will cover in this blog are my experiences, what I have witnessed, know from first hand information and know to be true and provable because I went through all of it.


  1. How to use the Medical System to get the correct help you need and stop unnecessary medicating, surgical intervention, incorrect diagnoses, unnecessary tests at higher costs than normal and why all these things are happening.

  2. How to be an informed patient so you know how to have a voice and not back down because "the doctor knows best".

  3. How the Medical System in this country is nowhere near other countries'. You can look this up under the World Health Organization.

  4. How our Medical System is very broken and why.

  5. How our Medical System is the "most" profitable Business in this country.

  6. Learn all the dynamics of our Medical System, the AMA, ANA, Insurance Companies, Lobbyists, Drug Companies, the Government, including Freestanding Outpatient Clinics, Surgical Centers, Free Standing Diagnostic Centers, Doctors who are in large groups with their own Surgical Clinics and For-Profit Hospitals.

  7. How the costs and charges are done, costing you the consumer more than you ever thought, and are "add on's."

  8. Who is really taking care of you and what their training is.

  9. Why there is an RN shortage and why it is not necessary.

  10. Learn about Assisted Living Places, what they "really do", how to find the ones that are really safe and how many are not, despite looking good (read the fine print).

  11. You will learn much, much more from my experiences on my journey. Follow, Comment, Ask Questions and keep up with FYI.

I hope I accomplish my goals including enlightening and giving everyone their own Empowered VOICE.

- Mary-Anne Flower corsage
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